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Balmacaan Coat (Bal Collar Coat)
A loose overcoat of a certain type, with raglan sleeves
The Balmacaan is a long, loose-fitting single-breasted coat, usually styled with the triad of fly front, short bal collar and Raglan sleeves.
The model is named after an estate in Inverness, Scotland, and created for protection rather than rakish good looks.
The clothes chronicler Alan Flusser tells us that the model comes from the coats once worn by the Prussian army.
The purpose of Raglan sleeves in this case is to improve the coat’s waterproof qualities, as this construction has the sleeve cut and attached to the collar.
  • Photographer Jun Okada (Benatural)
  • Hair & Makeup Takahiro Hashimoto (SHIMA)
  • Art Direction Gathering Inc